Village Planting

Thanks to an initial generous injection of £8,000 from the Tesco’s #BagsofHelp scheme the project got off to a flying start in 2016. Tesco are continuing to support Hook In Bloom in various ways, including granting a further £2,000 to sponsor the 2018 September Hook Flower and Produce Show, which helped the project to be sustained into 2019. Hook Parish Council supports the Hook In Bloom initiative and more exciting news will hopefully be announced in the Spring.

Working with Hook Parish Council, In Bloom includes bulb planting in the autumn, hanging baskets and troughs in the summer, wildflower seed planting in the spring and identifying areas around the village for environmental and biodiversity improvements. It is also hoped that the Hook In Bloom residential and business competitions will support and enhance the main planting schemes. Visit the Competition and Village Show pages to find out how you can get involved in the competitions.