Scarecrow Competition

Winners of the Scarecrow Competition 2021

Scarecrow winners left to right Kevin Winchester (Bridges), Max Urie-Passingham (6), Coral Yorke, Stan Chance (5), Sian Gamble and Jonathan Glen.


As its likely that staycations will be our holiday option this year, to help bring cheer and give families something to do in the school holidays Hook In Bloom is organising a Scarecrow Competition for Hook and surrounding villages.  

The winning scarecrow will receive £25 in Amazon vouchers with 2 runners up each winning £12.50 in vouchers.  

Judging will be at Hook Flower & Produce Show on Sunday 11th September from 2 to 3.45pm. All scarecrows must be delivered between Noon and 1pm. The scarecrows will be displayed and then everyone can vote. Voting slips will be given out, you choose your favourite scarecrow and the slips will be counted up before prize giving.

Guidelines and Rules

  1. Everyone is welcome to enter the competition.
  2. Make them any time during August/first week in September so you can display them in your garden if you wish and drum up votes.
  3. Bring your scarecrow along to the Hook Flower & Produce Show at the Elizabeth Hall between noon and 1pm on Sunday 10th September and then attendees can vote for the winners. Voting to be done between 2pm and 3.45pm to allow time to process the voting slips before the prize-giving.
  4. Minimum height 1 metre maximum height 2 metres.
  5. All scarecrows must be built from scratch (no commercial creations please).
  6. Creativity and originality – we are not being prescriptive except that we do not want you to buy any materials, including shop bought masks. Recycling only please. Scarecrows with that little bit extra, it may be the materials used, the way the scarecrow has been made, how the scarecrow is displayed, or simply a fantastic idea that will probably catch votes.
  7. All scarecrows must be made and displayed in good taste. Any entrants designing their scarecrow to cause deliberate offence will be disqualified.
  8. If you display your scarecrow on your property before judging day, they must be displayed so they don’t cause an accident, they don’t blow away, and will not otherwise be a danger to or possibly cause injury to anyone. None of the supporters for the Hook Flower, Produce & Craft Show, Hook In Bloom, Hook Allotment Association nor Hook Village Halls, can be held responsible for any damage to a third party property caused by the creation or insecurity of scarecrows.
  9. When you bring your scarecrow to the Elizabeth Hall for judging, for safety reasons, we will give him or her their very own seat to sit on so be prepared to arrange them on a seat.
  10. At the end of the Hook Flower Produce Show please collect your scarecrow by 5pm so he can go home with you and be loved.
  11. Finally, the last rule – make sure you enjoy yourselves!